It will also touch the famous stone stairway of "Scala dei Turchi", this year, the edition 2016 of the "historical Train of the Valley of the Temples." It will be, infact, Porto Empedocle Succursale, just eight minutes by bus from the beach, last stop of the train in departure Sunday 22 May to the 7.50 from Central Palermo and that it will also cross the stations of Bagheria, Termini Imerese, Roccapalumba, Alia and Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini and Agrigento Bassa.

Travellers will almost have available six hours of time. from the 11 to the 16:30-17 - to make a dive from the suggestive one "Staircase" modeled by the sea and by the wind, to catch the sun (with caution and a good protection...NdR) or to make a pic nic, before the return to Porto Empedocle.


The Train, composed by the historical carriages "centoporte", is returned, just few years ago, to race with the collaboration of Foundation FS Italiane and "Railroads Kaos" association. From the station in Low Agrigento the train begins the panoramic descent inside the tourist Railroad of the Temples, with the Temple of Volcano as first stop. From here the journey it also foresees a visit to the Garden of the Kolymbetra, recovered to his ancient and luxuriant shine.

Train will be back in Palermo at 9 P.M.