Privacy Policy

We know that if we betray your trust, we lose every possibility of having you as a client. Nothing is more important to us.

For this reason, we have given ourselves stringent rules to guarantee you our best service:

  1. We don’t sell nor share with outside parties the personal information of our clients. In no case, at no price.
  2. We protect personal information with the best technology. The most important databases are physically isolated from the outside.
  3. We only use personal information to carry out orders and to offer the best service possible. For nothing else.

Here you will find all of the details on our views on privacy. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Collecting Personal Information

The Brand Experience collects information on its clients through two main tools:

-          The registration module that the clients must compile. This information is necessary to follow through on the orders.

-          The contact information given from the emails and direct communication that is periodically sent out to the registered clients.

Handling of “cookies”

Domenico Sanfilippo Editore, uses a “cookie” with no expiration, to recognize its clients when they enter the website so that they may receive a personalized experience. The “cookie” used by Domenico Sanfilippo Ediore can be cancelled using the normal expected procedure with the latest browsers. Yet, we recommend no cancelling the cookie, as it prevents us from serving you the best of our abilities. Besides the “cookie” just described, Domenico Sanfilippo Editore can in certain cases use other temporary “cookies” that allow for a better user experience, except during the payment phase where all of the data is handled and NOT memorized by the bank of reference. Disabling “cookies” in your browser will incapacitate several of our functions, including our technical capability of accepting orders from our clients.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information that we gather is used primarily for two purposes: fulfilling the orders of our customers and presenting them with products and services more in tune with their needs, desires, interests and expectations. The communications that we carry out with individual customers can contain offers created by our employees whom are in charge of developing the offers and handling the catalog. Ultimately, any growth in the information that we possess on our clients, can only increase the quality of our service. Furthermore, this occurs with the utmost respect for the privacy of our customers- and without any risk-, visiting periodically our website and receiving our emails is a sure way of helping your shopping experience.

Sharing of personal information with third parties

Domenico Sanfilippo Ediore, DOESN’T share the personal information of clients to third parties, in no case will this occur. Written more clearly, no one, outside of Domenico Sanfilippo Editore, can know the data, it’s trends, it’s preferences and other personal information. The Brand Experience can, in certain cases, send aggregate data for external analysis, yet that doesn’t allow for third party access to the information of a specific customer. For example, we may reveal that we have 20% of our customers in Cesena, yet we will never reveal who those customers in fact are. This policy of ours ensures that 100% of the information that relates to you personally will never breach the confines of The Brand Experience.

Protection of personal information

Protecting our clients is the first ingredient to our success. For this reason, we invest in the latest technology, and more importantly, in people that specialize in active and passive protection of information, that constantly monitor anomalies, and that consistently update our systems and prevent threats. The most delicate information is stored in a dedicated system, inaccessible from the outside and open only to certain authorized employees.

Access to personal information on behalf of the client

It is possible to request a complete cancellation of your account, but this prevents you from making future orders, unless you create a new one. The data gathered from the emails, isn’t readily accessible to the customer. It can’t be cancelled per request due to technical and security reasons: Domenico Sanfilippo Editore needs to be able to distribute the footprints of our customers to competent authorities on request.

Treatment of personal information

Personal information is treated according to the Italian law on Privacy.


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